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Kudzu root extract puerarin is extracted from dried kudzu root. It's also called pueraria extract.the source is from Chai Ge root,which own higher puerarin and pueraria flavonoids,our lab take the wild dried root and test the puerarin more than 5% usually. We own long experience for the extraction and purification,the common is puerarin 80%,98% and 30% flavonoids.kudzu root extract is applied in pharmaceutical field usually,common drug for heart and dilating blood vessels.View More

Pueraria Flavonoids

Pueraria flavones is main ingredient from kudzu root extract.it's total flavones which contain daidzein,daidzin,puerarin.the source also is from chai ge root,which own higher puerarin and pueraria flavonoids,we took the dried chai ge root sample and test firstly and confirm where to collect.We are experienced of the quality and content,set great relationship with local farmers to collect the wild root and dried.especially our hometown Shaanxi province.we produce the 30% 40% pueraria flavonoids with lowest cost.the puerarin extract is applied in pharmaceutical field wildly. ..View More

Pueraria Flower Extract

Pueraria Flower Extract, also known as flos puerariae extract, is an ethanol extract from dry pueraria flower. It commonly contains 5% flavonoids as tested by our laboratory. 8-years’ experience of extraction and purification ensures the ingredient content accurately meet the global standards. Pueraria Flower Extract can rapidly resolve and and discharge alcohol, reducing liver pressure, therefore it is generally used for the pharmaceutical and health care product formulations... View More

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